Friday, October 28, 2011

Beaver Creek Halloween Spooktacular

Submitted by Ashley Johns, AmeriCorps VISTA for Beaver Creek Adult Center and Beaver Creek Transit

Candy Donation box placed at the Adult Center.  There were 
8 boxes placed throughout the community and this candy will 
be given out to the trunk or treaters!
Out here in Beaver Creek we have been busy organizing the Third Annual Halloween Spooktacular!  (Beaver Creek is composed of the Rimrock, Lake Montezuma, and McGuireville communities).  Back in September, at a Youth and Families meeting, Kristyn Conner and I were appointed this year’s “Spooksters” to organize and execute the event.  I love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday next to the Fourth of July, so I was a-okay with helping head this event!  Our first order of business was to contact community members that had organized the event in the past and figure out a game plan.  We wrote letters for donations and were able to accumulate some kid’s meals toys from the Camp Verde McDonald’s and the Cottonwood Taco Bell.  We were also able to get gift cards from the Camp Verde Wendy’s and coupons for a free ice cream from the Camp Verde Dairy Queen.  We had to accumulate around 1,000 prizes and were able to exceed that amount with these donations and left over prizes from last year!

To our surprise, everyone out here loves this event and wanted to help out!  We were able to find volunteers pretty easily because everyone wants the children here to have a safe and fun Halloween.  Spooktacular is important because here in the Beaver Creek community, there are no sidewalks or street lamps!  By having a special event in one well lit area, we are able to ensure a safe Halloween for all.  This year we will have 9 “trunkers” that will provide “trunk or treat” for the children.  The trunkers will park their cars in our designated area and pop their trunks so the children can trick or treat between the vehicles.  Some participants even decorate their vehicle, so we’re excited to see what the cars come dressed as!  There’s even talk of my Kia showing up as Pikachu!

We will also have plenty of games and activities for the kids.  Our games include a ball toss, a bean bag toss, putt-putt golf, a Go Fish game, and a witch hat ring toss.  There will also be other fun activities such as face painting, bracelet making, cookie decorating, and a “Spooky Kitchen”.  There will be music and food, including s’mores and caramel apples, and of course we will ensure a safe environment by having the local fire department there, as well as crossing guards to get to the event.  Our local Kiwanis group was generous enough to handle the legalities of the event and get the permit from the county, as well as donate the hotdogs and music equipment.  We have some awesome Kiwanis members here in Beaver Creek!!!

The days are quickly counting down to the event, and this coming weekend will be spent decorating and preparing as much as possible.  I am very confident that this Spooktacular will play out great, and that the kids will have a lot of fun.  Kristyn and I have put a lot of ideas, hard work, and organization into paving the way to making next year a little easier on the head “Spookster”.  Cause that’s what VISTA is all about right?  Leaving behind a sustainable plan, and this event needed some VISTA overhaul to get it kicked into gear.

This entire event is put together solely with volunteer hours and donations.  Without the community’s generosity, this event couldn’t happen!

I know Ke$ha will be wandering around, making sure that things go smoothly.  And I hear a lady bug will be joining her.  Anything for the kids right?!  Halloween, here we come!

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